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Jason Aguiar – Owner

Jason graduated with a B.S. in Health Science – Health & Wellness. He currently works for the Northeastern University Huskies as the Baseball Speed, Strength, & Conditioning Coach. He joined the staff of Northeastern University (Div. 1) in August of 2010 as a Strength & Conditioning Coach. He has the opportunity to implement strength, conditioning, and injury-prevention programs for the Husky athletic teams. Jason is also the Owner of Pinnacle Health & Sports Performance.

“I believe a great trainer is one who strives to find better ways to teach and motivate their clients. In addition, I strongly believe in the importance of continuing education to better my knowledge as a trainer and continue to grow in this changing profession. Clients who have a coach with these qualities are given the best opportunity to succeed and reach all of their goals.”

National Strength Conditioning Association (NSCA),Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach (USAW)
Functional  Movement Systems (FMS)




Kevin Brooks – Trainer


My interest in fitness began in high school when I was playing quarterback at Westwood High School. Like any young athlete, I wanted to improve my strength and speed. After my playing career was over, I wanted to help people of all ages and fitness levels improve their health. I strive to learn something new every day.Kevin played Division II Football and graduated from Stonehill College.In addition to personal training, he coaches high school football and track.


I believe in strengthening the body from the core, and focus on my clients using correct posture and form in every exercise. I train them to carry their improved posture into their daily lives.


  • Gait Pattern Analysis.
  • Recognizing and Measuring Soft Tissue Foot Deformities.
  • Sports performance: Speed, strength, swing power, throwing efficiency.


Certified Personal Trainer, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)






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