Pinnacle’s Indoor Bootcamp program provides personal training for individuals in a small group setting. We use the latest in the heart rate monitored technology, training  designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy.Our unique program will allow you to learn new exercises as well as proper form and technique all while working toward your personal goals. This method is essential for people looking to increase cardiovascular endurance and strength training, improve muscle tone, lose weight, and stay on the cutting edge of training. Our mission is to provide each client with a safe and effective exercise experience each and every day, as well as increase quality of life through the benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyle modifications.

What does Bootcamp Offer?

  • 60-minute workout
  • Interval training structured to burn the most fat and carbs
  • Operate at 84%+ maximum heart rate to produce optimal results
  • Increases metabolic rate for 24-36 hours after workout


Bootcamp Program                $100 month ( Vanderbilt Club members)

Bootcamp Program                 $150 month (Non-members)

Three Month Commitment   $300


Drop In    $20

10 Visits  $150

20 Visits  $200




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