All Water Is Not The Same!

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Being hydrated is so important but also misunderstood for many reasons. First, under hydrated and over hydrated are both not good for you. Many people do not understand this concept and to keep it simple, think of this idea: There has to be a balance between salt and potassium in the body. The problem with today’s American and ever expanding global eater is the types of salts they are exposed to are not good. Processed foods are loaded with salt but it is not real salt, it is salt that has been stripped of its minerals and left with simple NaCl. Real salt has 84 minerals in it which are what electrolytes are. Consuming processed foods increases your bad salt level and throws off the balance of salt vs potassium. When you sweat you are losing those minerals. Drinking to much water can also be a problem. When one consumes to much water, the cells become saturated and basically water logged. Cells need water but to much will cause a whole heep of problems. By eating healthy organic vegetables of many colors will help keep the balance you need. Drink all day long but in the form of sips not gulps. Same when you are working out. Gulping water or “chugging” water does not help to rehydrate a person. Sips are what are best because chugging just basically sends the water right to the kidneys to be processed and excreted. Sips allow the water to be absorbed by the body.

All Water Is Not The Same!

Secondly, not all water is the same. Tap water is full of fluoride, chlorine, and bacteria. The United States is the only industrial country to add fluoride to its water supply. Why? It is a neurotoxin which does nothing to help fight cavities and everything to destroy your brain cells. The source of the fluoride is from China and is a chemical byproduct which in turn is sold to the US and added to your water. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria but you ever been in a pool? How does your skin look and feel after? Now think of what your cells and insides are dealing with? Basically chlorine is causing a bunch of bad stuff to happen to your body because chlorine is poison. Bottle water is no better. Most is just tap water that is supposed to have been purified but that process is suspect and not what you would consider purified. Plus, there is no mineral content, kind of like the salt we discussed earlier. Also, the plastics, which are petroleum based (meaning oil), are leaking into your water. Also they are loaded with BPA or worse, BPS and other chemicals which are estrogen based. This is contributing to huge reproductive issues including cancer, early puberty, and disease.

What to Drink?

Water is supposed to be full of minerals but during the purifying process, these are stripped away, like our salt. Get a good filter that takes out the chlorine, fluoride, and bacteria and add your own minerals. Store your water in glass bottles not plastic. This is not as hard as you think and your body will thank you in the long run. Staying hydrated is when your urine is a light yellow. Structured Water is water that has a negative charge to it. This acts as an antioxidant. Oxidative stress happens when oxygen molecules only have 7 electrons in your body. This is by stress, emotional, physical, or caused by toxins. These molecules look to steal an electron from a cell that is weak and when this happens it can shut down the function of the cell or change its normal function. The more of this happening in the body the worse environment our body is in. Antioxidants basically give electrons to these molecules to so they top the stealing. Structured Water acts like this.

Listen to your body and do the research yourself!

Steve St.Martin

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